Tyneside Standards Limited was formed in 1995 at the behest of several eminent businessmen based in the Tyneside area who served on the board of Tyneside TEC. They were becoming increasingly frustrated at having to send their equipment to the Midlands and beyond to find the top class Calibration laboratories they sought for their instruments. Thus sending millions of pounds from the North East economy.

So Tyneside Standards was created with the conception being to create a “Centre of Excellence” where Metrology “The Science Of Measurement” was available here in the North East servicing the requirements of Northern Industry and restricting the flow of work leaving the area.

Since the formation in 1995 Tyneside Standards has operated with the same ethos Top class calibrations without compromise! Therefore our first objective when we set up the laboratory was obtaining UKAS accreditation so that we may provide the top class calibrations the businessmen of the North East sought with a certificate bearing the Crown Which renders it a legal document We achieved this distinction within two years of our formation.

Our accreditation was in the Mechanical Dimensional area however very soon we achieved accreditation in the Electrical field before adding Torque, Pressure, Temperature and Mass to our scope of accreditation to supplement our vast scope we have added on site calibrations for Surface Plates, Optical Projectors, and Pressure Gauging.

Swift service and high integrity is the strategy we have employed over the years,making sure we provide the client with a service tailored to suit their requirements. We have grown in stature each year by reinvesting profits in the building, on machinery of the highest accuracy and state of the art software. Whilst we always regard training as the most sound investment of any business.

We have achieved our growth by reputation and recommendation. Never having employed a salesman or company representative in order to keep the cost of our customers calibrations at a minimum and everyday contact with those at the helm of the business.